Californian Tribe Wins Sports Betting Suit

Californian Tribe Wins Sports Betting Suit – Judge Gives Tribe 90 Extra Days To Collect Signatures Needed For Sports Betting To Get 2020 Ballots.

A High Court judge ruled in favor of California tribal leaders last Thursday by giving the tribes an additional 90 days to collect signatures to secure sports bets in this November vote.

Before the now defunct sports betting law and its run through the California legislature visit, tribal leaders made their way through the state that set signatures for its own sports betting proposal.

At the start of the year, before the COVID-19 pandemic had a foothold in the United States, the tribes were around 20,000 signatures, less than the nearly 1 million needed to land a sports bet on the 2020 ballot in California this November.

Once the coronavirus started spreading across Golden State, tribes were signaling their signature operations in response to a lockdown ordered by Governor Gavin Newsom. The lockdown caused tribes to miss their June 25 deadline for filing signatures.

In response, the tribes filed a lawsuit against the state in June, asking for an addition to the 180-day signature period. According to the Forbes report, the tribes asked for another 180 days which would put the issue on the 2022 ballot as the deadline after this year’s election, but Judge James P.Arguelles split the differences and supported the tribes an additional 90 days to collect the required number of signatures.