Indoor Dining Back To New Jersey Casino

Indoor Dining Back To New Jersey Casino – Atlantic City Casino had good news Monday as New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that the ban on indoor dining would be lifted this weekend.

Murphy said that starting Friday 4 September, restaurants will be allowed to have indoor diners and must operate at 25 percent capacity.

According to a Press of Atlantic City report, lifting Murphy’s ban will bring both jobs and consumers back to casinos visiting fafa191.

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“We are excited to continue eating indoors this Friday, allowing us to bring our valuable team members back to work,” Joe Lupo, president of Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino told the daily newspaper. “We have seen tremendous success with our outdoor dining, even though the variable weather has been a real challenge. Opening up an indoor dining area brings back the ultimate amenities our guests know, love and deserve. “

In late June, Murphy announced that both physical gambling operators would be eligible to reopen business on July 2, marking the end of one of the longest coronavirus-triggered closings in the gaming sector by any state. He would also allow indoor dining on the same day but broke the promise just days before the scheduled opening.

With a restaurant unable to accommodate guests inside, there is one point less attractive to attracting customers to Atlantic City properties. Gamblers inside are forced to eat out or bring food to their hotel rooms when the ban is imposed. This mandate will not affect serious gamblers, but guests who are going to gamble small amounts while enjoying the evening will likely not frequent the casino when it is around.

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, the casino with the highest gross revenue in the state, has decided to postpone its opening date until it can properly adjust its business model to its mandate. It reopened later that month.

The July earnings report reflects that situation as physical income fell more than 20 percent year-on-year with a winnings of $ 248.7 million.