It’s time to put your poker knowledge to the test by answering some quizzes

An important question when making major decisions at the poker table is “WHY? What is your data?” Along the same lines, here are two quick quizzes to improve your reasoning power.

This is a $ 4- $ 8 limit hold’em game. The structure of the game is relaxed and aggressive: some players still see unsuccessful results and many raises along the way; then the pot is a good size. You are in the middle.

Take a look at the two hands that look quite alike. First of all, you have the correct KQ in your hand. After a few moments, you look down at the 3-2 that fits into the hole. Both hands fit together perfectly, offering the same possibility of making a dominowalet visit flush or straight.

Question: Obviously, he will play KQ that fits (possibly increasing) in addition to pitching 3-2 matches; But you must have solid facts to make this determination. Why?

Answer: The chances of landing a straight or a flush are the same in both cases, but a high king or straight flush with KQ settings is more attractive than the smaller ones that you will likely catch with a 3-2 setting. The small flush or straight is often conquered by the taller one.

There is an even better fact to this solution: the chances of losing a straight or a flush are considerably less likely than those of matching an unpaired hole card. In fact, the chances of challenging your partner on unsuccessful terms are only 2 to 1 challenging you; Medium, with a properly fitted connector, there is an even greater chance of a flush (approximately 120 to 1) or straight (approximately 100 to 1) drop.

Once you get lucky and catch two cards in which you are unsuccessful to get a straight four (roughly a 4 to 1 challenge) or a flush (roughly 8 to 1 against), you need to snag on the bend or river , and the odds against.

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