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Californian Tribe Wins Sports Betting Suit

Californian Tribe Wins Sports Betting Suit – Judge Gives Tribe 90 Extra Days To Collect Signatures Needed For Sports Betting To Get 2020 Ballots. A High Court judge ruled in favor of California tribal leaders last Thursday by giving the tribes an additional 90 days to collect signatures to secure sports bets in this November… Read More »

Indoor Dining Back To New Jersey Casino

Indoor Dining Back To New Jersey Casino – Atlantic City Casino had good news Monday as New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that the ban on indoor dining would be lifted this weekend. Murphy said that starting Friday 4 September, restaurants will be allowed to have indoor diners and must operate at 25 percent capacity.… Read More »

The best tactic in the three ways postflop Math Poker

The best tactic in the three postflop ways of Poker Mathematics – Let’s assume that you calculate your grace period using the technique mentioned above and know if you score more than the bluff score. This can happen if your preflop average is really strong like in the 3-bet pot. So, to slide towards the… Read More »

Velocity is part of the casino advantage

Velocity is part of the casino’s profits – Economists call “the velocity of money” as a measure of a country’s economic activity: The number of times a unit of currency flows through the economy and is used by various members of society. In the casino gaming industry, we only need to consider how fast the… Read More »

It’s all about the domino of the person holding the double six

All about the dominoes of the person holding a double six – Domino Rules There are several types of domino sets used around the world as well as most of the games that can be played with them. Here are the rules for the two games most commonly played in the West – “standard” or… Read More »