The future of poker will be filled with exciting possibilities

I’m writing a new book on poker called “Win More at Texas Hold’em.” It will bring together new strategies and tactics, new concepts, new skills, and a first for the world of poker: What Does the Future Have?

Some background: Poker’s earliest ancestors came from Europe, the Middle East, and China. The game as we know it today finally took shape in the early 1800’s in America. One of the earliest forms of poker called “poque” was played in a gambling den in New Orleans.

So, what will happen in the future for this game? Starting with the coronavirus pandemic and moving forward in time, how will the world of poker change? My predictions are based on human history and the game of poker, current status, and pure logic.

Today, our world is battling a terrible pandemic. As reported in my March 18 column on Gaming Today, all card clubs and casinos in Southern California (and elsewhere) have closed because of the need to isolate people from one another as we struggle to beat the coronavirus, a deadly disease. The same is true of all other places and events that will bring people together. Schools, sporting events, large and small businesses, and more have closed, at least for now.

Sooner or later, we will beat this disease and end its impact on our lives. But then what? Will life continue as we knew it before the pandemic? How will the world of poker change? Given the problems and other relevant factors, what will the future hold for the game of poker? After much thought, here are my predictions.

As long as casinos and card rooms are closed, many poker players may have found alternative venues for their recreational needs. Will they return to the game of poker? How many casinos and card rooms will be re-opening?

Being optimistic, I predict that in the short term, almost all will return to business – perhaps with additional perks for us players (their customers) as casinos compete for business. Sometime later, smart robots can be used to handle cards? No more tips for dealers – save dollars for our players.

Consider how our world develops. We can learn from history. One hundred years ago, who would have dreamed that, one day, we would have lightweight laptops and tiny cell phones that would easily fit into your pocket? Who could have imagined that man would visit the moon? Hopefully we don’t pollute it. Or, for that matter, how many people in those days thought that cars would one day replace horses-and-chariots? But I’m looking forward to the day when our car, at the push of a button, gets airborne.