the return to open restaurants and casinos after the completion of lock down

In the near future the business division in South Africa will reopen. South Africa will graduate full-service casinos and restaurants under strict criteria.

The country is under lockdown restrictions to stem the spread of the coronavirus for three months. President Cyril Ramaphosa, announced in a speech broadcast on TV that several accredited facilities and salons would be allowed to reopen.

Ramaphosa explained the decision to lift restrictions and began re-opening some of the businesses, pursuing conversations with industry representatives about strict security procedures, as well as after getting opinions from researchers and consulting with regional leaders where ARTAPOKER were visited.

The President explained that more and more businesses, including cinemas, would reopen when procedures aimed at slowing the spread of the corona virus were followed, for example wearing a mask.

South Africa confirmed more than 80 thousand coronavirus problems and more than 1,600 deaths from the virus, as quoted from VOA “Very pleased with this response. They (visitors) are very happy to come back and are impressed with the security protocol we created, “he said.

Meanwhile, the local government has confirmed that all casinos and hotels in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic will implement strict health protocols.

Among others, dice disenfektan, providing washbasins, masks, restricting players at the temperature check table, and checking in via cellphone.

“I am optimistic that customers will see that gaming properties invest the time and effort to welcome them back to a safe and entertaining environment,” said Head of Gaming Control Board Sandra Douglass Morgan.