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Online poker often gets a bad rap, especially in the workplace, but it may be just a thing to reduce stress and increase productivity and morale.

Many think that gaming, mobile gaming, in particular, is only popular among the younger demographic. Statistics show that adults between 25 and 44 years of age playing the most mobile poker visit the dewa poker. This demographic is also the most likely to experience pressure at work.

While some American workers are able to manage their stress during their time away from work, how can they reduce their stress at work?

One study published in the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, in 2020, discussed how online poker can help take a “mental break” from stress. Participants in this study were given a five-minute break with video games, guided relaxation activities, or silence without a computer or telephone. While all participants experienced reduced stress, those who played video poker felt the best.

Instead of shortening your 15-minute break to get some extra work done, why not give your brain a mental break and engage in some online games? The Royal Ace Casino Review has dozens of top rated casino poker that can take your mind off the stress or that playing fast Words With Friends can change your perspective and mood throughout the day.

Even playing a few minutes of Pokemon Go outside on your daily lunch break or checking your Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball picks is better for your brain than getting stuck in an office email or pondering the latest workplace drama.

Before you start playing poker at work, make sure you don’t break the rules at work. If you play at work together, such as a break room, don’t forget to mute the volume or wear earbuds to avoid distraction or annoying your co-workers.