Velocity is part of the casino advantage

Velocity is part of the casino’s profits – Economists call “the velocity of money” as a measure of a country’s economic activity: The number of times a unit of currency flows through the economy and is used by various members of society.

In the casino gaming industry, we only need to consider how fast the dollars are getting into the casino’s hands. The sooner, the better for the casino! So they can more easily pay their expenses and get bigger profits.

At the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), which was held in September at the Sands Expo Center, all kinds of new gambling games were introduced. This is the biggest gaming industry convention ever. However, the new coin operated slot machines are nowhere to be seen visiting Mahongqq. At one time, slots occupied a large part of the casino floor. It changes. Old timers, “married” to slot machines, would find supplies rapidly dwindling.

Years ago, they felt comfortable sitting there hour after hour, stuffing coins into the machine. The “one-armed bandits” were too slow for profit-seeking casino bosses. Time is money… Then the machine was improved so that players only had to press a button to spin the wheel after making their bet. However, the slots are too slow. Game leaders view “cash flow” to increase profitability.

The same philosophy is rampant at the poker table. Dealers speed up the game as long as they can. Automating mixing cards after each hand is a big step in that direction. The dealer can reach out with a deck of cards while the second deck is automatically mixed in an easily accessible shuffle maker located just below the table top.

With experience, dealers have become more proficient at their job. And, they are trained to speed up each hand. Often times, they try not to let the player take a lot of time making his decisions. I have warned my friends about the rush to act. Decisions are important for success on the table. Acting too fast will inevitably lead to mistakes; it can be very expensive. Hastily making trash.