a game of poker must be able to handle a curve ball

You never know where the words of wisdom that apply to the game of poker will come from. Reading the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, I came across a column on the Jewish Youth baseball player. The following are the words of a 12 year old sixth grader who devoted himself to the sport of baseball. Daniel has been pitching his team for the last seven years, competing in the Sunday afternoon baseball league for the youth.

“Sometimes, when you’re nervous, the ball comes out of course,” he said.

The goal is to be a better baseball pitcher – more skilled – so that his team can win more often. This story got me thinking. It occurred to me that Daniel’s thought-provoking statement and purpose could be applied to the poker game visit WADUKPKV. Just like in playing baseball, as poker players we compete with other people – our opponents.

Of course, our main goal is to win lots of chips – the more, the merrier. To achieve this, we strive to become better players – more skilled in many ways. And, we are often faced with a “curved ball” which (figuratively) “goes off course” when an opponent catches the card he needs to beat us on the river.

I vividly remember a recent hand on low limit hold’em at my favorite casino: Starting with pocket jacks, I caught a set on the flop, and then made quad jacks on the turn. Wow! I’ve counted “my” chips. It’s a big pot. But, then the poker gods threw me a curved curve when my opponent, with only two outs on the river, caught the Ace of spades, giving him a royal straight flush. To add insult to injury, that hand did not qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot because one of the holecards was not part of his straight flush.